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With the aim of promoting the fight against cardiovascular diseases in Cameroon and reducing their progression, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon and HIMORE MEDICAL S.A, launched, in the within the framework of the Emergency Program "Intervento di emergenza a favore di refugeati, sfollati interni, popolazioni di ritorno e community ospitanti del Lago Ciad - AID 11226/01/04", a pilot project for the prevention and fight against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes for the population of the Far North Region of Cameroon. The aim of this pilot project is to implement a basic follow-up program for people with cardiac disadvantage, improve healthcare, expand the geographical coverage of the service and reduce the costs of cardiovascular examinations , while improving the monitoring of vulnerable patients. Thus, five district hospitals were selected to benefit from this program, namely: the Mokolo District Hospital, the Kousseri District Hospital, the Touloum District Hospital, the Maroua District Hospital and Yagoua District Hospital. This project consisted of three main points:

1. A communication and awareness campaign on the dangers of cardiovascular diseases.
2. A free screening campaign for cardiovascular diseases.
3. The creation of five electrocardiogram recording centers in the project intervention areas.
These initiatives aimed to inform the population about the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases, to provide free screening services and to establish specialized centers for the recording of electrocardiograms, thus allowing better monitoring and adequate care of patients in the region of the Far North of Cameroon.

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Presentation and description tutorial for the Cardio-Pad

The Cardio-Pad is a medical tablet featuring advanced technology, enabling electrocardiograms to be recorded and interpreted efficiently and accurately, and diagnosis to be transmitted remotely. This medical tablet is equipped with telecardiology features, enabling it to communicate remotely via the GSM network. These features offer a practical solution for remote and underserved areas, where access to cardiac examinations may be limited.


Interpretation at home

This new functionality allows you to interpret Exams remotely via an Android application.

transfer of exams

transfer of exams to cardiologists via whatsapp number


The equipment offers you a secure system.

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