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In 2016, the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon placed an order for the purchase of 20 Cardio-Pad KITS for the launch of 20 electrocardiogram recording centers in district hospitals. This project constitutes an initiative of crucial importance in the field of health. This demonstrates the government's continued commitment to improving health care and strengthening the fight against cardiovascular diseases in Cameroon. The introduction of Cardio-Pads to strengthen the technical platform of health facilities will make it possible to provide essential cardiac diagnostic services in regions that greatly need them.

District hospitals play a central role in the delivery of basic health care in many communities, and strengthening their cardiology capacity is a significant step in ensuring quality services to more patients. These new electrocardiogram recording centers will have a significant impact on the early detection of cardiovascular diseases, thus enabling rapid and adequate medical intervention. By identifying heart problems early, doctors will be able to implement appropriate treatments, reducing the risk of serious complications and improving the chances of recovery. This is a laudable government initiative that demonstrates commitment to the well-being of the population and the promotion of cardiovascular health. Additionally, these electrocardiogram recording centers will also contribute to the collection of valuable data on cardiovascular diseases in these regions. This information will help identify epidemiological trends, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and make informed public health decisions.

Presentation and description tutorial for the Cardio-Pad

The Cardio-Pad is a medical tablet featuring advanced technology, enabling electrocardiograms to be recorded and interpreted efficiently and accurately, and diagnosis to be transmitted remotely. This medical tablet is equipped with telecardiology features, enabling it to communicate remotely via the GSM network. These features offer a practical solution for remote and underserved areas, where access to cardiac examinations may be limited.


Interpretation at home

This new functionality allows you to interpret Exams remotely via an Android application.

transfer of exams

transfer of exams to cardiologists via whatsapp number


The equipment offers you a secure system.

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